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It's time to get started on being the best version of you. Training like an athlete means no excuses and 100% commitment. Demitrius Bronson brings his expertise as a multi-sport professional athlete in the NFL, WWE, and CrossFit to help you reach your fitness goals. By training together as a squad, training with 53 Squad Training maximizes your athletic performance so you can go from being an everyday person to an extraordinary athlete.

Demitrius Bronson started 53 Squad Training with the vision of creating a team that trains together, motivates each other, and holds each member accountable for the group's success. While each person in a group training session has their own customized plan, the group becomes stronger when everyone grows together. And the training doesn't just focus on your body, but on your way of thinking as well. Athletes train and think like athletes. There's opportunities for people of all ages, including kids as young as 5 years old, to train together and grow as a community.

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